Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Not so good' week

Last week was a 'not so good' week. Adam demam, Amir selsema + batuk yang tak baik2 dah 3 minggu lebih, and I myself got sore throat and lost my voice. I was supposed to go to Japan for a one-week job attachment. But at last minute I had to cancel it because the kids had not recovered. Alhamdulillah syukur sgt2 that Adam was not admitted to hospital, although at one point I was determined to send him to hospital because he didn't want to eat nor drink. Alhamdulillah juga that my boss willing to replace me for that Japan trip (hhmm... not really sure that he actually willing or not.. hehehehe). Alhamdulillah that I don't have to leave my family for a week. Can't imagine leaving them that long even if they are all healthy. I never leave them more than 2 nights. Maybe that's why I can't imagine if I have to leave them longer.

Some people said it is blessing in disguise. Some other people said rugi tak dpt pegi Jepun. Some other pulak berpendapat nasib baik tak pegi jepun. Whatever people said or think.. I am very sure that all these things happened for reason. Hanya Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui. Am I terkilan? Not really. Maybe because I myself was 50-50 when I decided to tell my boss that I can go to Japan if I had to and if he wants me too. I didn't do any preparation except for the Japan visa. Dan akhirnya... Allah menentukan belum masanya saya pergi.

Anyway.. back to office after 1 week there are too many things to be done. As usual I'm having trouble to choose which and where to start with. Already make the task list.. already know which one is more important and/or urgent.. but still don't know where to start with. End up I am here writing on my blog. Very not productive :P

I am thinking of going out for a window shopping and shopping probably on necessary items. Yeah.. got buy some new clothes for Adam since many of his old clothes do not fit anymore. Thinking of buying a new comforter set for the guess room since my sister will use that room during her engagement day just around the corner. Must buy a new pair of sandal for myself. The one that I'm wearing right now are already tore up. Tunggu masa jer nak tercabut. Must find a new nice dustbin for the kitchen as well. The existing one dah hilang penutupnya. Got to buy some stuff for the lab.. polystyrene, white board, papers, etc. Hhmm.. it seems that I have good reason to go for a shopping. But when?