Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just another unproductive day for a pregnant lady

Another unproductive day at work. Some people say pregnant woman is not fit to work. I think its very true. Since my pregnancy syndrome started about 3 weeks ago.. I noticed that I did not do much work at the office. I did not do things that I am supposed to do. I slept twice a day in the 'surau'.. just cant help myself. Even if I am at my desk, I seldom do my work.

Last week I was on medical leave for 2 days. This week luckily 2 days were public holidays (Chinese New Year). So I only have to come to work for 3 days. But the not so good news is I have to go to Demo Plant for 2 days. Very tiring.... 1 1/2 hour driving to Demo Plant which is about 92km from my house... and another 1 1/2 hour driving back home. There goes 3 hours of driving everytime I have to work at Demo Plant. Not that I don't enjoy working there.. in fact I enjoy more working in Demo Plant rather than in the office. But its just that my condition right now makes me feel so tired to do anything. The best thing to do for me is lying down in front of the TV.. hhmm.. cant wait to go back.

Can't blame this pregnancy for making me feel uncomfortable most of the time I'm awake. Not all pregnant woman experience the same as I do. In fact not all pregnancy feel the same. I remember when I was pregnant by 1st child, I had no problem, no sickness, I was active and productive. But my second pregnancy was not that good. I always got sick, back ache, morning sickness, less appetite, and immature contraction that I was admitted to hospital twice. My doctor had given me bed rest for 2 months before my delivery date cause I was not fit to work.

Well.. that is 'rezeki' that Allah had decided for me. And I thank him that I was not tested with more difficult test. I don't know how this pregnancy will be.. whether its going to be easy like the first one or less easy like the 2nd one. Whatever it is I pray that the baby and I will survive with the help from Him...

Ohh.. I just found out today that another friend of mine is also pregnant. How coincident. So there are 3 of us who are currently going through almost the same phase... the sickness and tiredness. 3 years ago the 3 of us also got pregnant at the same time. We call it 'penyakit berjangkit' :)


fazira said...

ohh. hakak. tahniahh! heh heh. take care :)